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Wait for You  - J. Lynn Nose Graze — Young Adult book reviews4.5 StarsThe goal: a good romance book.The plan: read for an hour (starting at 11:30pm).The result: up until 4am finishing the book.On the surface, Wait for You looks like all the new adult books that have been done before, and in some ways it is. But despite all the common trends and themes, it ends up being SO much more! I expected to be a little irked with Wait for You for these reasons:* Avery meets Cam (the love interest) practically on the first page.* Avery is the quiet, anti-social, but apparently gorgeous girl who snags the most eligible bachelor in town.* Avery is the broken, "damaged" girl who needs to be healed.* At the beginning, Cam acts like an extremely self-important, arrogant, egotistical guy. He's nice, but my god that man thinks highly of himself.Doesn't sound ideal, right? Sounds like it's been done before... and it has. But there was something extra about Wait for You that roped me in. I didn't like Cam at first because of his "I'm awesome" attitude, but he grew on me. Unlike most guys who are like that, he wasn't an ass. He was an incredibly nice and genuine guy. I finally started to take his self-important behaviour as more of a lighthearted joke than a serious thing, which is how I think he intends it. And once I got to the middle of the book, that's when I was seriously hooked.I could not. stop. reading.Cam and Avery just owned me. At 3am I looked at the clock and made an assessment. I had 100 pages left, but should I go to bed? It was late, I was tired, and I could always finish tomorrow. HELL NO! I kept going, going, and going—powering through right until the end.I feel like I'm bouncing all over the place with this review, because the book was so damn good and I'm trying to hit everything at once! Ahh!! Okay, let's regroup.Avery has two awesome friends: Brit and Jacob. They weren't exactly the focus of the book, but they were two awesome side characters! They were fun, good humoured, loved to go on about hot guys and sex, but most importantly, they knew when to be funny and when to be series. Brit, in particular, really knew when to tell Jacob to shut up so that Brit and Avery could have some serious girl time.And Cam.. OH MY GOD CAM!! You guys he is amazing. O_O Once you learn to not take his ego inflating comments too seriously, you realize he's just a genuinely nice guy. He's the guy who will hold your hair back when you're puking up you guts, he'll take you stargazing, cook you breakfast, and have a few weird quirks that make you smile. And he and Avery had terrific chemistry! For the entire second half of the book, there were butterflies in my stomach. My heart was POUNDING because the kissing scenes knocked me over with how intense they were.Wait for You wasn't quite perfect. I had my doubts about Cam at the beginning, and Avery sometimes bugged me. Like how she thought Cam would judge her or break up with her if he knew she'd been raped. Or how she thought he expected sex from her, even after she knew what a great guy he was. She never gave him enough credit (except at the end). But despite its imperfections, Wait for You had me hooked. I was giggling, smiling, squealing, and just flat out could not put this sucker down.If you're looking for a heart-throbbing romance with a super sweet guy and kissing scenes that will make you pass out from ALL THE FEELS, look no further, my friends.

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