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Of Triton - Anna Banks Nose Graze — Young Adult book reviews4.5 StarsOf Triton was the perfect book to save me from a reading slump. It wasn't quite as romantic and swoony as Of Poseidon, but it had a bigger focus on the syrena politics and mermaid mythology.Although Of Triton was a fairly short book (only 246 pages!) I felt like a lot happened and it was a really well done, fully contained story. It had romance, action, politics and completely kept me engaged!As I said, there wasn't a big focus on Emma and Galden's relationship, which was a bit of a downer, since that's what I really loved in Of Poseidon. Their relationship is discussed often, but they don't actually have a lot of time to be together (and make out like obsessed teenagers ♥). But I think other parts of the book make up for it. Anna Banks gives other couples in the story a bit of a highlight. We get a glimpse into Emma's mother's relationship with Grom (which is soooo cute!), and Rayna's relationship with Toraf. It's like there's love all around!And the mermaid politics really come into play here. There's a bit of a power struggle, laws are challenged, people become skeptical of the royals.. It's pretty intense!I really liked how Emma turned into such a badass at the end! She honestly did get a little on my nerves at the beginning because she hated seeing her mom with Grom since he wasn't her dad, and she just went on and on about it. But at the end... holy crap she was FIERCE! She totally took control and stood up for herself and seemed like a really confident badass. I loved it!!But above everything else, Of Triton was fun. It was a pure, enjoyable read. I got completely sucked into the awesome mermaid lore, the politics and conspiracy, and Emma being a fiercely awesome badass at the end. I also kind of appreciate that it didn't end on a cliffhanger. Although the cliffhanger at the end of Of Poseidon certainly drew me in, it also drove me a little mad with eagerness. I'm happy that I still thoroughly enjoyed Of Triton, but everything also got wrapped up very well! I'm totally psyched to see what Anna Banks throws at us next!

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