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Astarte's Wrath

Astarte's Wrath - Trisha Wolfe Nose Graze — Young Adult book reviewsAstarte's Wrath is perfect for any huge Egyptian mythology buffs. Riddled with war, chaos, history, and mythology, this book is intense, full of action, and tragic. It takes place during the Battle of Actium (between Octavian of Rome and Cleopatara of Egypt) so it's safe to say that there is a lot of loss, betrayal, and devastation. Entire empires and kingdoms are at stake and with politics being what they are, there is plenty of blood.What I really liked about Astarte's Wrath was how it mixed real history with magic and fantasy. There were historical events and plot points that I recognized, but they were entertained with a magical race and other fictitious elements. It definitely made this story unique!The romance in Astarte's Wrath is DELICIOUS! This is considered a "New Adult" books so things are a little hotter and heavier than in a young adult book. There aren't too many sexy scenes, but the ones that are there are breathtaking; they're tender, sweet, romantic, passionate, and totally lusty. Seriously.. it was amazing how passionate these two characters were about each other. It made my heart glow (that's weird, but true!)."Would you give up your friends? Would you trade a long, nearly immortal life of servitude in exchange for a short one... with me?"I want him to touch every spot on my body, kiss every inch—own me, and not stop until I'm too exhausted to think of the consequences."My title be damned. I've loved you for ages. And I'm going to make you mine." He lowers his lips to mine, caressing them into a passionate kiss as he guides my body toward his bed.The one thing I didn't really like about the romance was how Xarion and Astarte already had a history before the book began. They were lifelong friends, so their romance came easily. It wasn't insta-love, it was just so natural and easy to fall into since they already had a well established relationship. But I usually prefer books where the characters meet for the first time when the book begins, because that way I get to experience the entire relationship from the very beginning. If I'm there every step of the way then it's easier to get really emotionally invested. Although I did enjoy the romance in Astarte's Wrath, I think I would have connected with it a little more if Xarion and Astarte weren't already very close when the story began.The end of this book... ALL THE FEELS! At first I was upset with the way the ending was going because I couldn't believe Xarion died! but once we got to the very end, I kind of liked the bittersweetness of it all. And at least Astarte and Xarion got to be together in the underworld! But the end really tugged at my heart and had me near tears... several times!Astarte's Wrath definitely has "tragic" written all over it. It's like real war: people die, people betray each other.. and not everyone gets their happy ending. Despite all the magical elements, it's painfully real. If you like romance, historical fiction, and/or Egyptian mythology, this is your book!

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