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Back to You - Priscilla Glenn Book Nook — Young Adult book reviewsOh my freaking god! Where do I begin. This book blew me away. I know it was going to be intense and romantic and sweet and heartbreaking.. but it was all that completely amplified! I read Back to You in one straight sitting—less than a full day. It was so good that I couldn't stand to be parted from it!This book alternates between three different time periods: Lauren and Michael's reunion after eight years of no communication, their friendship and romance developing in high school, and the tragedies in Michael's young life. But since it's constantly switching back and forth, we don't get all the answers until the very end when everything ties together. This was brilliantly done and masterfully crafted! Priscilla had me glued to this book, whipping through the pages as I desperately wanted to find out what happened in their relationship.The romance in this story was unforgettable. It's sweet, it's passionate, it's hesitant, it's built on a solid friendship, and it knows no bounds. But it's also about mistakes, regret, and second chances. I suppose in some ways it is about soul mates, but it's done in a way that MAKES SENSE. It's none of that "I look at you and immediately love you" crap. Their connection was built off of years of solid friendship, support, and love. That's what made it incredibly beautiful, breathtaking, and heart-stopping. The intense emotion and love in this book brought me to tears for the entire last quarter of the book—but it was a mixture of sad and happy tears. I was so moved by their relationship that I was literally sobbing with happiness for them!Back to You will take you on an insane journey. I feel like I've lived with these characters. I've grown up with them, I've watched them change and develop, I've seen who they've become. It makes me wish with all my might that this couple exists in the real world, because their relationship would just be so BEAUTIFUL. To see people overcome what they've suffered through and learn from their mistakes.. it's something special.Even though this book is sad in its own way, I feel like it's also intensely happy, and that's why I love it. There was less emotional wreckage and the end in particular is just pure bliss. The epilogue is honestly one of the most satisfying I have ever read. I was devastated when the book ended, pleasantly surprised when I saw there was an epilogue, and when I finally finished, I was left with the best feeling in the world. I cannot recommend this book enough! If you love a great romance with intense emotions, heart warming moments, and an ending that will make you scream to the heavens with happiness..this book is for you.And if I can take only one thing away from Back to You: true love is out there, guys, and it's amazing.

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