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False Memory

False Memory - Dan Krokos booknook — Young Adult book reviewsWow! False Memory totally took me by surprise! I first read the blurb and was kind of iffy about it. I have no idea why because it sounds SO AWESOME! Elite force of genetically-altered teens? Uhh, totally cool! But for some reason the blurb wasn't clicking with me, so I almost passed up this book. But I'm so glad I didn't! Because holy crap it is awesome! False Memory is like.. a young adult Bourne Identity!The story is told from Miranda's point of view, but really it's about her and her three friends. I have to say, it was so refreshing to read a book about a group of friends. Almost all the books I read these days are about one girl and one guy, or one girl and her one best friend, or maybe one main character with a few side characters who don't show up that much. But False Memory is about Miranda and her three closest friends, and they all support themselves brilliantly throughout the entire book! They're not just small side characters; they all play huge roles and I loved that!This book is one of the most action-packed books I've read lately. It is such a page turner! It is over 300 pages but I whipped through it so quickly (almost in one sitting) because I couldn't get enough! Every page is so intense and full of action, disaster, plan-forming, or deliciously complicated romance! I was amazed at my inability to put this book down! I didn't expect this book to be so addicting!The romance is really, really interesting. Basically, before Miranda's memory got wiped she was dating Noah. We catch glimpses of their old relationship through flashbacks and it seems totally cute! But then Noah wipes her memory "to protect her" and she has no idea who he is.. and she starts falling for Peter! Oh my god! So yeah, there's kind of a love triangle. Or even a really weird love square, actually.. but it's awesome! It totally made me think: if you were in love with someone and then your memory got wiped, would you fall in love with that same person again? I felt like I was Miranda because I felt the same way she did about the two different guys. Noah is the guy she feels like she's supposed to fall in love with, because they technically are (or were) dating. But she feels herself actually falling for Peter, but she feels guilty about it and really unsure. As for me, I loved Noah in the flashbacks, but I liked him less in current time. Probably because he wiped Miranda's memory "to protect her" and I hate it when guys do something like that without letting the girl have a say! But Peter on the other hand, is the white knight who comes in to rescue Miranda! Swoon!False Memory had me completely on edge. I was ripping through the pages, I fell in love with the characters, I was biting my nails anxiously during the fight scenes (bad habit, I know), and had the hardest time deciding which guy I should root for! There are so many twists and turns! As soon as you think you've figured it all out, Krokos catches you off guard with an insane new plot twist.I don't know why I didn't expect to love this book, but I did! It's definitely one of the most intense and interesting books I've read so far this year. I definitely recommend False Memory to anyone who likes kickass teenagers, military experimental fighting squads, conspiracy, and a complicated but swoon-a-licious romance!

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