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The Selection

The Selection - I knew I was going to love The Selection. I read the plot summary, I read the reviews, and I just knew it would be a five star book. And for me, it definitely was!I read this book in one sitting, constantly glued to every word on the page. I love the caste system, the dating game, America’s blunt honesty, and her desire to rule her own life. I love that despite everything that is at stake, America remains true to herself. She doesn’t let the maids doll her up excessively like every other woman in The Selection. She doesn’t want the experience to change her or take her away from who she is.I was pleasantly surprised to find how much I actually liked Prince Maxon. I like his politeness, genuine kindness, and inexperience with women. At one point, America totally rages at him in a fit of homesickness, but rather than punishing her for yelling at “the prince,” Prince Maxon is totally understanding and cool about it.The one thing I didn’t really like was the love triangle.. or more specifically, America’s confusion and inability to decisively choose between Aspen and Prince Maxon. Rather than making a decision, for a while she’s just with both guys. That’s the part that irked me. But this line was pretty funny:"Because even though you’re dating five other women, I think I’m cheating on you"It actually does seem kind of unfair that Prince Maxon can run around kissing and dating all 35 women from The Selection but the girls have to be faithful to him by law (if they engage in another relationship it’s considered treason, punishable by death).America’s feelings are honestly understandable. She loved Aspen, but then he left her, and she’s surprised to find herself slowly falling for Prince Maxon. So it’s normal that she’d be confused and uncertain of her feelings towards both men. But I just found myself getting annoyed when she let herself kiss/date both of them. Maybe it’s just because I had been so rooting for Prince Maxon and I was jealous for him!In any case, I absolutely loved the book. I was really disappointed when it ended and I’m bouncing up and down, eager for the next one in the series! Thanks for the amazing read, Kiera!

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