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Faking It (Losing It, #2)

Faking It (Losing It, #2) - Cora Carmack Nose Graze — Young Adult book reviewsThe thing I liked most about Faking It was how it focused on the idea that 'opposites attract'. Max and Cade are total opposites. Cade is the perfect "Golden Boy" who impresses parents and is very put together. He's calm, sweet, never gets mad, and never does anything outrageous. Max is tattooed, dances at a bar, has tons of issues, and can be pretty emotional and dramatic. They're not the couple you'd put together and think, "They're perfect for each other!!" But in a way, the fact that they are so different is what made them perfect for each other.. O_OJust like Losing It, Faking It was hilarious!! I freaking loved the awkward moments. Just the idea of asking someone to be your fake boyfriend is hilarious. Then when Max's parents invited said fake boyfriend over for Christmas... lol. It was just so funny to see that one lie spiral so far out of control!"My name is Cade Winston—MFA student, volunteer, mom-hugger, and your boyfriend for the next twenty-four hours. It's nice to meet you."And another thing I thought was great was how Cora Carmack really made Cade stand out in Faking It. In Losing It I honestly thought Cade was a little... lame. It just made me sad how he was obsessed with Bliss and kept clinging onto her.. but I loved watching him come out of his shell in Faking It. He became a much more interesting character than he was in Losing It.The one thing that annoyed me in Faking It was Max. I liked her a lot of the time, but sometimes she really pissed me off. I hate it when the "damaged" girl in books has this attitude that's like: "I'm not good for him! I'm poison. I'll just break his heart. So before I break his heart I'm just going to leave him... he'll get over me anyway." Grow up and put an end to the pity party!!! Seriously! It drives me freaking nuts. I hate those stupid speeches and Max had a couple of them. >_

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