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Losing It (Losing It, #1)

Losing It (Losing It, #1) - Cora Carmack Nose Graze — Young Adult book reviews4.5 StarsLosing It was one of those books that I put off reading. Everyone was reading it and raving about it, but I just wasn't that excited about it. Maybe it's because the old cover had a creepy, young looking boy on it? Or maybe the synopsis just didn't pull me in? Who knows. Sometimes I just don't get that excited about a book for some inexplicable reason. But when Losing It went on sale for like $0.99, I felt like I had run out of excuses.OMG I WAS MISSING OUT!!Just like everyone promised, Losing It was a fun, hilarious, awkward, and sweet read. The awkwardness was literally the best part. I LOVE awkward books. It makes them feel real (plus sometimes it feels good to laugh at a fictional character's funny misfortune). And, the guy she almost has sex with—Garrick—is a Brit! A Brit! I love me dem Brits."When I asked a classmate for a rubber, you call them erasers, everyone laughed so hard that I was ready to board a flight straight back to London."GarrickEvery now and then Bliss did annoy me a little bit.. Like when she just annoyingly assumed Garrick would have gotten tired of her "once the forbidden factor wore off" as if all men get sick of nice girls eventually. I just hate stereotypes like that. And when she and Garrick started dating and she was paranoid about being SOOO careful. I mean.. I get it, and it makes sense, but the emotional side of me just wanted her to say "screw it" and totally be with him. But for the most part, I thought she was pretty hilarious. She was such a control freak and it was hilarious how she tried to cover up her lies. When she ran out on Garrick before sex, her excuse was that she had to go get her cat... She doesn't have a cat... but then when she started talking to Garrick again, she realized she'd have to go buy a cat so he wouldn't catch her in that lie. So she actually bought a cat for that reason! LOL!"Let me get this straight... you didn't have a cat? Did you get a cat just so that you wouldn't have to tell me you were a virgin?"GarrickLosing It was definitely a great giggle book. All the awkward moments had me giggling, Bliss's psychoticness had me cracking up, and the sweet moments had me squealing and growing hearts in my eyes (totally possible!). And the ending... oh gosh... so sweet! I mean.. sure it moved too quickly and he was going to propose to her after like... I don't know... 3-6 months of dating? But it was one of those things where I JUST DIDN'T CARE! I was swept up in the romance and how cute they were together and I was so thrilled that they were going to get married!Immediately after I finished Losing It I bought Faking It! I just wasn't ready to stop reading Cora Carmack epic-ness! So if you're like me and if you've been putting off reading Losing It, go read it NOW! It's worth it!

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