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The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown - Holly Black Nose Graze — Young Adult book reviewsThe Coldest Girl in Coldtown is haunted and addictingly disturbing! This book starts off with a bang, and I promise it's a sign of what's to follow. It's dark, gruesome, and gory. After that, I'll admit that it took me a little while to get fully into the story, but once I did, OH MY WORD!!!"They'll drink up the whole world if we let them."Page 92The Coldest Girl in Coldtown takes on an insanely horrifying vibe. There's lots and lots of blood, brutal deaths, and terrifying scenes. These vampires aren't like the ones in Twilight where they try to not be monsters... these vampires are bloodthirsty, brutal, and have no mercy. Every time I thought something was so crazy and so vile, I figured, "Well this is it. This is the most creepy and violent scene of the book, there's no topping that." But I was proven wrong every.time. Because Holly Black always topped it."Every day since the one he'd died was not one where he aged, but rather one where he grew away from humanity. He didn't seem older than he must have been when he died; just entirely stranger."Page 147Things just get more and more twisted, dark, and terrifying, until I couldn't look away. It's like when there's an accident on the freeway and you CAN'T. NOT. LOOK. It's horrible, it's sad, but you can't not look. This is the same thing. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown is all kinds of twisted, with bloodbaths, murders, and no happily ever afters. Sometimes in books I think, "Well these characters obviously won't die." There is no feeling like that in The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. Holly Black has no mercy and that's what makes this book terrifyingly realistic. There are VAMPIRES out there so there will be many deaths and they will be brutal as hell.There's also a really unexpected (or expected, however you look at it) romance that develops, that had me HOOKED! It's the ultimate kind of dangerous, forbidden love. But it's not cheesy. I kind of couldn't figure it out, but that's why it was so awesome! The whole relationship was so unexpected—the way they acted, the things they said.. everything. But it wasn't unexpected in the way that it doesn't work. Quite the opposite. It worked, and it was so sweet, but it kept you on your toes."You are more dangerous than daybreak."Page 160Above everything else, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown is exploding with bloody originality. I'll admit that I haven't read a ton of vampire books, but this one was so different from everything I thought to expect in one.. and I loved it! It's dark, twisted, wrong, and so addicting!! What I love most about this book is how it caught me by surprise. I didn't expect to love it nearly as much as I did, and I kind of love it when that happens!

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