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The Rules (Project Paper Doll)

The Rules - Stacey Kade BookNook — Young Adult book reviews4.5 StarsThe Rules reads surprisingly like a contemporary book, and that's one of the things that made me love it so much. Although it does have sci-fi elements, they don't dominate the story at all. It's more about evil corporations, first loves, tender and hesitant romance, high school drama, and bullies, all with a small sci-fi twist.The story is told from alternating points of view: Ariane's and Zane's. I didn't expect to get a glimpse into both characters' minds, so that was a pleasant surprise! Both of them were fabulous characters for different reasons, and in many ways they are completely perfect for each other. Both characters have demons from their pasts that they struggle to live with every day. Ariane is constantly fighting to stay under the radar, and Zane is trying to move past his old life of being a bit of an arrogant prick. But we quickly start to uncover Zane's sensitive, sweet side and realize that he's actually a nice guy running with a bad crowd.The Rules doesn't have a ton of action in it, but I was okay with it. A large portion of the book is focused on the high school drama—dealing with bullies, figuring out who's a real friend and who's a fake friend, small revenge pranks, and just surviving in high school. Although it wasn't exactly riddled with intensity, I enjoyed it! I think mostly because Ariane and Zane had great chemistry and were so perfect for each other. They just clicked so well and I loved their witty banter! And there are some DELICIOUS kissing scenes! Swoon.And then there's Rachel... God. She's the high school bitch that I wanted to rip to shreds. She's so awful that you just cross your fingers and hope that something horrible happens to her. You want to see Karma rain down on her ass.There are a couple twists at the end that I personally did NOT see coming! They were a fun surprise and the last 50-75 pages of the book got super intense. Everything just started coming together and I was screaming for the annoying characters to get their comeuppance.Overall, The Rules was a really pleasant surprise. I always thought it sounded good, but I don't think I expected to love it quite as much as I did. This is a very strong, interesting, and engaging book. I highly recommend The Rules to people who don't normally read sci-fi but are a little interested in the whole scientific experiment stuff.

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