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Orleans - For now (and let's be honest, probably forever) I am putting this book aside. I got like 20% of the way through of it and realized it's just not for me.1. Complete lack of emotion. I knew there was a problem when the main character's BEST FRIEND dies and she's like "Okay I'll just grab your baby now and get out." She didn't shed a single tear? She didn't even sound upset? It was just.. so... indifferent. This book was lacking any sort of emotional streak. It was very straightforward, to the point, and 'scientific'. For some people, that might work really well. It just doesn't work for me.2. There's no romance. Again, this might work for some people, because it's completely a personal preference thing, but it doesn't work for me. I tend to feel very disconnected and bored with books that have no romance.3. The narrator was hard for me to follow. I don't even know the correct terminology to describe this.. but the narrator has a very heavy "accent". Is "accent" the right word—I don't know. But it is SO heavy and so thick that it made it tough for me to even concentrate. Example:They be family, all right. I can see it in they lines, the way they both be draping so lazylike in front of someone else's fire. Brave fools, I think. And that mess run in the family.Ultimately, I didn't read enough of Orleans to be able to tell you whether it's a good book or a bad book. But I read enough of it to realize that it's not the book for me.

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