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Stung - BookNook — Young Adult book reviewsLeaning towards 3.5 stars, I thinkHmm. Ultimately this book has left me very unsure. I really like the overall idea of Stung. Bees are on the verge of becoming extinct, so scientists genetically modify them, but then when they sting humans they give them deathly flu-like symptoms, then the scientists produce a 'cure' for this "Bee Flu", which turns out to be even worse than the flu and results in the world being zombie-fied.Some parts of the back story were introduced a little too quickly (by 'quickly' I don't mean early on—I just mean briefly), but mostly I was very interested in it. I think it's something about bees that just makes it seem cool. That, and the tattoos. There were also a few moments in Stung that were really heartbreaking. I mean, we have zombies so obviously they're out there mindlessly killing, and that includes family members. Cue sniffles!But that being said, there were also several parts of the book that didn't quite sit well with me. For one, the book sometimes felt a little jumbled and aimless. For large portions of the story, I felt like I had no idea where things were headed. I like being able to have a very clear sense of the direction of the book, and I didn't always get that in Stung.Secondly, I was not a fan of the romance. I felt like Fiona and Bowen lacked chemistry. I never felt a single spark between them. And their whole romance just moved so fast; it was a bit of a whirlwind and I didn't like it. If they actually had chemistry and if the romance took more time to develop, then I think the potential for a great romance is definitely there. All the circumstances set things up well for some good emotion and heartbreak, but I never actually felt that myself. And when they started saying the "I love you's" I was rolling my eyes a little. They had only been together for like, a few days.Stung was not a perfect read, but there is a good story there. My favourite part was when they introduced some serious gladiator craziness. Those gladiator type fights always bring out a morbid curiosity in me. It was one of the more emotional scenes in the book! I think that with a little better world building (especially inside the wall—I'm curious about that), a much better romance, and a little tightening up overall, this could have easily been a 4 or 5 star book. But even with some of the problems that Stung had, I never felt like it was tough to get through the book. Even if I was a little confused or unsure at times, I wasn't bored, and that's definitely a good thing!

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