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The Goddess Inheritance

The Goddess Inheritance - Aimee Carter BookNook — Young Adult book reviewsIn my review of Goddess Interrupted I complained about the lack of action. Well, folks, The Goddess Inheritance totally makes up for that! This book was full of action, twists, turns, love, hate, revenge, heartbreak, and everything else in the world! Aimée Carter rocked my world with this book!I almost don't know where to begin... I enjoyed the first two books in the Goddess Test series, but I ADORED this one. The Goddess Inheritance is the perfect conclusion. It's intense, it's satisfying, and it ties up all the ends. The book was so full of emotion, I was constantly giggling, smiling, or near tears.Kate is still a great character; she feels so real! A few people don't like that she cries several times throughout the series, but I actually like it. I know that if I were in her shoes and my family members were all in danger and all hope seemed lost, I would totally break down in an OCEAN of tears. But in between her breakdowns, Kate is strong. She doesn't just cry and then sit on her ass and sulk; she goes out and finds solutions. She tries to right her wrongs and contribute to her family when everyone else tells her she's useless. Not all of her plans work, but she doesn't give up hope, and I really admire that. I think that's what makes Kate such an amazing character and one that I love to read about!Kate's relationship with Henry was as intense as ever in The Goddess Inheritance! The happy moments were oh-so-sweet and swoony and deliciously romantic! And the sad bits were heartbreaking and aggravating! I was frustrated and upset and happy and confused and I LOVED IT! They definitely face challenges and I loved that they never gave up.Ava really shined in this book. I was kind of mad at Kate for how she treated Ava when the truth was kind of obvious.. but I really loved seeing a different side to Ava, especially when it came to her relationship with Nicholas. I'm used to seeing Ava as the flirty, giggly girl, but in The Goddess Inheritance we see a more serious, devoted side to her.Also, Cronus was an insanely awesome character. He's powerful, he's all kinds of creepy, and a bit like a psychopath. He's like a crazy murderer who suddenly decides he's in love but really he's all creepy and possessive and has to blackmail his way into a 'relationship'. And the odd thing was that I almost started to sympathize with him. Sometimes there was a little voice in the back of my head rooting for Cronus. With one hand he destroys the lives of millions of people, and with the other he makes sweet and romantic promises. I almost felt myself believing them!The Goddess Inheritance is the perfect end to the trilogy with a bittersweet ending that had me in tears. My only disappointment is that the series is now over. This book had me wanting to read more and more—or even from Ava or Nicholas's point of view. Please, Aimée!

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