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Scarlet - BookNook — Young Adult book reviewsTHIS BOOK! THIS. BOOK! THIS. BOOK. IS. SO. AMAZING!!Scarlet was one of my most highly anticipated (maybe the most highly anticipated) 2013 reads.. and it ROCKED! It didn't disappoint at all, and it doesn't suffer from Second Book Syndrome at all, and Wolf it rocked my Lunar universe COMPLETELY!One of my favourite parts of this book is Wolf the alternating points of view. I LOVE how we read from Scarlet's POV, Cinder's POV, Kai's POV, Thorne's POV, and even crazy bitch queen's POV! Basically everyone! We get to see so many different sides to the story like Wolf's sexiness, different reactions, and different interpretations. We follow different story lines until it all comes together EPICLY at the end! Both Scarlet and Cinder's stories play really important roles. They each have their own goals and missions, but they end up intersecting.To be honest, I do think I could have benefitted from re-reading Cinder before starting Scarlet. Marissa Meyer does a pretty good job of recapping the events in Cinder, but it had been so long since I'd read it that I still feel like I was missing out on a few things. It would have been better and easier if all the events were still fresh in my memory.Scarlet is officially one of my favourite characters EVER! Honestly, I might even like her more than Cinder, and that's saying something! She's incredibly selfless and determined, sweet when she wants to be, ruthless when she needs to be, and isn't afraid to stand up for herself, her family, or what she believes to be right. She's intelligent, and spunky, and I love everything about her! In the first scene she has a throwing-tomatos-rage-fest. That made me love her right away LOL! And when people are being stupid jerkfaces who buy into everything the media feeds them, Scarlet has no problem standing up on the bar table, shutting off the TV, and bitching at a bar full of drunken morons. That takes guts. Scarlet reminds me a lot of Cinder; they both have take-no-crap attitudes and they're both incredibly strong characters overall. Oh, and Scarlet carries a gun. Yes, she's a badass.Thorne, Cinder's travelling companion, is like the Scarlet version of Han Solo. He's handsome, kind of arrogant, in love with his ship, and a bit of a big baby at times! I LOVED his character! Sometimes I hated him because he was such an arrogant self-obsessed jerkface, but he's the kind of guy that you can't help but smile at.. because he's so self absorbed that it's almost cute LOL! Also, don't worry, there is no Cinder-Kai-Thorne love triangle (I personally was a bit worried about that, but luckily it never came).And then there's Wolf.. OMG WOLF! How I loveth thou. Have my babies and my love and my soul. Because I love you. Wolf is an insanely sexy beast (hahah). He's definitely the strong, mysterious, silent type. Scarlet and Wolf meet fairly early on in the story and they become travelling companions. He's a total badass, but also has a more sensitive side buried deep down. I mean he's a street fighter. He can kill people with his bare hands. And his name is Wolf. WOLF! He practically has fangs. Obviously, since this is a Little Red Riding Hood retelling, we know that Wolf is some sort of evil guy who ate her grandmother. But it's constantly hard to tell what his true motives are, and that's what really hooked me into the story. I kept trying to figure him out. And oh boy, his story plays out EPICLY! And the end... *fans self* My god, I was salivating.Scarlet left off in a great place, and I already know that the third book—Cress—is going to be amazing. With an ending like that, how could it not be? But I'm actually struggling to figure out how I'll maintain my sanity after having to wait an entire YEAR to read it.

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