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Goddess Interrupted - Aimee Carter BookNook — Young Adult book reviewsI was addicted to this book! Almost every chapter ends with a little mini cliffhanger. I kept telling myself, "Okay, one more chapter and then I'll go to bed," but then the chapter would end with Henry entering the room bleeding! So I'd be like OMG WHAT HAPPENED HERE!?! Then I'd read the next chapter, vowing once again to go to bed when it ended, and OMG IN COMES A TITAN!!! So, naturally, I didn't stop reading.Other than the whole Titan abducting Henry thing, the conflict in Goddess Interrupted is centered around Kate having doubts about her relationship with Henry. Henry isn't very affectionate, Kate worries that she won't live up to Persephone, she worries that Henry didn't marry her out of love but simply because she's Persephone's sister.. etc. Normally these kind of struggles and conflicts in books annoy me. I like the perfect relationships. I don't like it when there are a lot of problems or a lack of affection. But for some reason, it didn't bother me in Goddess Interrupted. I think it's because I really connected with Kate as a character and all her worries and fears made sense, but they didn't stop her from stepping up when she needed to get her head in the game and act strong.Kate really turns into a strong character in Goddess Interrupted. Even though she has her insecurities, her heart is always in the right place and she never turns her back on Henry, or the rest of her family and friends. And wow, her relationship with Henry was intense. Sometimes I hated him for the way he avoided Kate or refused to commit to her, or for the way he was always looking back at Persephone. But like Kate, I still clung onto him. And let me tell you, the wait was worth it. The end of the book had me near-tears and squealing with delight.My one main complaint with this book is the names of the characters. For the life of me, I could not keep people straight. I wish Aimée had just stuck to the original Greek names. I could never remember which Greek god any of the characters were (except Henry, obviously). There was an index in the back of the book, but I would have just preferred the original Greek names, rather than having to constantly reference the index over and over.I also do wish there was a bit more action in the book. I mean, with a Titan threatening to escape his prison and kidnapping Henry, you'd expect the book to be brimming with action. But it actually wasn't. Kate sits out on most of the action so we don't actually see it first hand. That was a little bit disappointing, since the potential is certainly there!But wow.. the end of this book was amazing O_O It was happy, sad, and then HOLY CRAP WHAT THE HELL intense. I'm so glad I have the third book on hand, because if I didn't, I would probably start pulling hair out.

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