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Crash (Crash, #1)

Crash (Crash, #1) - Nicole  Williams BookNook — Young Adult book reviewsOH MY FREAKING GOD!!! Can I give this book a million stars? Can I? CAN I??? I smiled, laughed, and ridiculously giggled my way through this book. Every other page, my eyes would bulge and I would start giggling like some crazy, mad scientist or something.This book was freaking hilarious. Two pages in, I knew I was going to love it. Lucy is a FABULOUS narrator! She's super witty, sarcastic, and quick-thinking. Her comebacks are the bomb! I was highlighting every other sentence like crazy because I didn't want to forget all the best funny bits!I LOVE JUDE!!! He's hot, he's sexy, he's a total bad boy, but he's also a sweetheart. I love how he always stands up for Lucy. He doesn't let anyone talk bad about her and he's always the first to defend her. But that doesn't mean Lucy needs defending. She's not a weak damsel in distress and she could certainly stand up for herself. She's got some serious spunk and attitude and would have no problem telling people off for being douchebags.I had not worked my ass of for the grades I had, or worked tireless summer days waiting tables, or paved my way as a strong woman to be reduced to some object two jealous boys could fight over.—Crash by Nicole Williams, Page 170But man, Jude is the kind of guy you definitely shouldn't want to be with. He's dangerous, he runs in bad crowds, he's a heartbreaker. But Nicole Williams did a brilliant job of making me see that and understand it, but want to ignore it completely. Because Jude had me every bit as weak in the knees as Lucy was! The great thing about Jude is that he's honest. Lucy asks him a lot of tough questions about his past and he always does his best to answer them fully and honestly—sometimes even brutally so.This man was the pope, president, and god of dodging the topic. Too bad for him he was dealing with the queen, holy mother, and empress of seeing through a man's stream of shit.—Crash by Nicole Williams, Page 178This is more of an observation than a complaint, but I thought there would be more ballet in the book; there was actually very little. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing, I think it just surprised me.I almost don't know what else to say about this book. I loved it so much that I feel like I just want to jump around and mash the keyboard with excitement and have that be my review! I mean, what else can I tell you other than that I smiled, laughed, cried, said "Awwwww" about a million times, and nearly smacked my kindle against my head because I was so excited! This book was so powerful, exciting, devastating, and happy all at once. If I were to really dive down and analyse it, I know I could find faults, but I don't want to. Because in the moment, nothing bothered me in the book. I would just be looking for things to critique if I sat down and thought about it. I loved every minute of reading this book and that's that!You can't be friends with the person you were meant to spend the rest of your life with.—Crash by Nicole Williams, Page 246

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