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In The After - Ashley Mackler-Paternostro booknook — Young Adult book reviewsWow, you guys. In The After is truly an amazing and beautiful (but sad) story! It's one of the most heartbreaking stories I've ever read, but I can't recommend it enough! I love everything about this book: the cover, the title, the characters, the story, and the insane way that Ashley made me hope when there was no hope. When I first read the synopsis, I wasn't totally sure what to expect from this book, but that's what I loved about it! And as soon as I read the first chapter, I knew that Ashley had me completely hooked.This story is about an incredible friendship between Sidney and Emmy. The two girls have a falling out and by the time the story starts, they haven’t spoken for several years. Then one day, Sidney gets a phone call from a police officer reporting that Emmy has possibly gone missing. Frustrated by the police department's lack of progress, Sidney takes matters into her own hands and embarks on a journey to find her friend... despite the fact that she feels it in her heart that Emmy is dead.Ashley's prose is absolutely beautiful and I love the way this story is written. Ashley switches between present time and memories from Sidney and Emmy's past. We read stories from their childhood to learn about their friendship and the beginnings of Emmy's abusive relationship with Stephen, all the way up until the day Emmy goes missing. This wonderful way of writing made me completely fall in love with the characters and become sadder and sadder as I started to really adore Emmy. The more I read about Emmy's incredibly sweet and loving personality, the more distraught I was at the prospect of her being abused and possibly murdered, and the more I hoped that somehow she was alive! It was silly of me to hope, because surely Emmy was dead.. but I just couldn't imagine horrible things being done to such an amazing person. Ashley really got me invested in the characters, and I swear I thought they were real!If it weren't for the fact that I read this entire book cuddled up in my boyfriend's arms, I probably would have cried my eyes out the entire time. My heart broke more and more every time I read a chapter about Emmy's abusive relationship. Each time, I snuggled a little closer to my boyfriend and thought about how insanely lucky I am to have him. I just wanted to reach out to Emmy and hug her and find her a husband like my boyfriend or like Sidney's husband Paul. This book will rip you apart emotionally, and that's what makes it so incredibly powerful and one of the best books I've ever read!Not only is this an amazing and heartbreaking story, but it's also a story about friendship, abuse, love, parenting, the power of the media, and bravery. It's deeply moving, incredibly sad, and very powerful. In The After actually reminds me a bit of the movie Enough. If you enjoy that movie then you will LOVE In The After. The stories are kind of similar: dealing with an abusive relationship when a child is involved. The most devastating part is how real this story is. There are women out there who don't know how to get out of their abusive relationships. So although In The After is written as an adult contemporary fiction story, it deals with some very real issues.Even though I have been reading a lot of contemporary lately, In The After is not the kind of story I usually read. But I am so insanely glad that I read it! The cover and blurb are initially what intrigued me and they didn't disappoint! This story is a complete emotional whirlwind that will totally suck you in. It's intense, mysterious, and will probably make you cry your eyes out. In The After one of my favourite books of the year, and is one that will likely stay with me for a long time. This is the kind of book that I think about for days or even weeks after I finish reading. I almost feel like I lived the story, because that's how powerful it was!HUGE thanks Ashley for letting me review her amazing book! ♥ ♥

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