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Easy - Tammara Webber booknook — Young Adult book reviewsThe first chapter I was raging at Jacqueline. She almost gets raped, an amazing white knight rescues her and offers to call the police, and she says "No I just want to go home." A man tries to rape you and you'd rather leave the scumbag out there to prey on other women?? I know I shouldn't judge almost-rape-victims, but ugh! She should have reported that guy when she had the chance!The next chapter, I was giggling. Giggling because Jacqueline is failing macroeconomics. I took that class in college and absolutely hated it to my core! I think I did pretty badly, but I didn't fail!Okay time to get serious. Easy was an incredible, heart-pounding, intense romance book that I absolutely adored! I don't usually read the Acknowledgements in books. If I love the book, sometimes I do, and that was the case with Easy. I'd like to share one part because I thought it was amazing and really shows how much emotion went into the book:I couldn't have written Easy without the help of my husband, Paul. The creation of good fiction begins with raw, honest emotions—whether the author is penning a story about a mouse who wants dessert, or a sprawling epic of Tsarist Russia. The subjects touched on in Easy come with an even deeper obligation to remain true to those emotions. Paul encouraged me constantly to fearlessly portray my love of hidden connections, and my belief that our close relationships with family, friends and lovers—any and all of those, if we're lucky—are capable of healing the trauma all of us experience in our lives.Tammara Webber, author of EasyIsn't that awesome? That's what I love about Easy. Tammara Webber put her heart and soul into this book and it really, really shows. This book is about love, rejection, loss, fear, trauma, and daring to fall in love again. It is so empowering in so many different ways. And Easy totally has me wanting to take some self-defense classes!It was so easy to love all the characters in this book. Lucas is a mysterious, drop-dead-sexy sweetheart; Jacqueline isn't perfect but she's sweet, vulnerable, but also has a little kick in her; and Erin.. I LOVE Erin! Erin is that "Best Friend" character that I absolutely adore in books! She's the fiercely loyal roommate, the roommate who comes up with "Operation Bad Boy Phase", and the girl who just had me flat out laughing.I made the mistake of starting this book later in the evening.. then I was so hooked that I was reading through the night. Soon it was 3:30am and it took every ounce of will power I had to put the book down and finally go to sleep!Jacqueline and Lucas have such incredible chemistry! It's mouthwatering.. it's HOT! Girls, it is FREAKIN' HOT! This is a new adult book so things do get a little hot and heavy.. and it's awesome. But it's not all just sexy lust. Lucas and Jacqueline had a really sweet relationship. I love the phase where Jacqueline isn't sure if Lucas likes her. The "not knowing" is so much fun! And since Jacqueline has a crazy rapist guy stalking her, Lucas really gets to play the "knight in shining armour" role and he gets to rescue her a few times. Swoon!Tammara, you are a freakin' mastermind genius! What I wouldn't give to read Easy from Lucas's point of view!"The night we met—I'm not like that guy." His jaw was rigid. "I know tha—" He placed a finger over my lips, his expression softening.""So I don't want you to feel pressured. Or overpowered. But I do, absolutely, want to kiss you right now. Badly."Easy by Tammara Webber, Page 89

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